Gerlinda (12 Jan 2012)
"January, a month with much symbolism"

January, a month with much symbolism
If the exercises by Iran dubbed "The Prophet" is scheduled for January 27/28 in order to bring their Mahdi and Israeli/American exercises originally called "Juniper Horse" are happening at the same time, there is little  doubt but that it can tie in with Ron Reese and Mathmans' calculations.  But let's consider if something else happens such as was told on Steve Quayle's link some time ago, then???
Does anyone remember the written warning that was given on Steve Quayle's News link by an Israeli Illuminatist to his daughter that when she hears of Ariel Sharon dying, she had two weeks to get out of the USA.  It's been discussed on Five Doves before.  I've asked myself often, "Why? what do they know that we don't.  Is there a huge nuclear attack/attacks planned against Continental USA?  Or could she (USA)  suffer from a HAARP induced catastrophe on the Pacific side also?"   Anyway, if we count back two weeks from the 27 date, it would bring us to the powerful  Illuminati number Thirteen.
January is the first month and is named after the Roman god Janus which is the god of doors doorways, arches, openings, closings and the like. We recall a Senator Wanna-be President that appeared in 2008 (Eight also means a New Beginning) at the Brandenberg Gate.....symbolic, don't you think?  Janus Is known as the 'two-faced' god (or two heads)  Janus Meditation is for reflecting on Doorways into the Old and the New; perhaps the New World Order that will come out of the Old world Order symbolized by the Phoenix that must die in fire in order to arise anew.  It is interesting also that it was the Juniper Tree that provided the thorny crown that was put on Jesus Christ's head.
Thirteen is the number of Rebellion
Twelve is their number for perfection of government....The New Order Government?
If One is the number of Divine Order, then Eleven is a subervision of it....undoing that order. Can't you just see how 1-11-12  would be a choice date also besides 1-13-12?
So.....did that Father who warned his daughter about an impending doom for America after the death of Ariel Sharon have that message at this month and year?   And why did they change their original name for the exercise of Juniper Horse?   Too obvious?  We shall see.