Gerlinda (10 Jan 2012)
"John B.  You made me dance"

John B.  Wow!  I just got around to finishing reading Five Doves.  It is now nearly 8:00 PM.  There is someone else that sees things just like you do concerning our troops within Israel's borders now.  I wrote my own thoughts of what is coming upon Israel and the world.  You used the very term that I used when I posted my article at 14:16.58 (2:16).  It is the words TROjAN HORSE.    Out of the mouth of two witnesses seem to have been given.  Tomorrow, we will see if there are more.  Thank You John B, you sure did make me do a little dance of praise.   Prophecy is Passing before our very eyes.  Loved your reference to eyes  when they actually see the Wrath of God.