Gerlinda (10 Jan 2012)
"To All Doves Around the World - Be Warned"

To All Doves around the world,
Here is a message from a former Muslim that is even more horrific than I had even imagined.  The Biblical story of Jacob's brother Essau and his descendants determination to get his blessing restored is SO REAL and Horrific.  This added to all the rest of God's revelations is a strong indication of where we are right now in Biblical Prophecy.  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for those that believe upon the Son of God.  gerlinda
Now, concerning what Charles revealed below; it might be a good idea to remember Israeli Rabbinical teachings say that God will use a Great Empire to come against these enemies of Israel but He will Himself destroy them..... who are also known as Edomites..... that are of the Synagogue of Satan whom are doing their handi-work within the land of Israel.  In other words, they have divided their forces; one is the obvious from without; the other one is the Trojan Horse within.  There certainly isn't time for another 7 year period for all of these  events  (including the heavenly and earthly catastrophes) to be happening at the same time nor to introduce someone else to lead the forces that pretend to be friends of israel.   We know that in 2005  Israel began her last 7 years after finishing her total Wilderness periods of 14,400 days each.   The Leader that opposes God and says he is god is given only 3 1/2 years so the real puzzle to me is when did his 42 months begin.  Did it start in January 2009 or did it begin when the Trojan Horse was revealed in 2008 standing near the Brandenberg Gate, which incidently, has standing near-by the Pillar of the goddes Victoria atop standing in her chariot holding the reigns of the Four Horses of the Apocalypise ?    After what Charles has revealed,  It isn't too far fetched, to me anyway, to see that all four horse-men have been released which even the so-called fearless leader of Mystery Babylon can control.  Kari, is this about the same time-line that you have come up with also???  gerlinda
The excercises have been moved up to January 27th! Dubbed the Great prophet! They want the Mahdi to come!

This excercise is taking part at the same time as Austere Challange in Israel an exercise between US and Israel to intercept missles! A post on RITA reported the original name of this excercise was juniper horse! Yes you read that correctly Pale Green Horse riding in Israel as Iran is closing the straight with an excercise called Great Prophet!