George G (20 Jan 2012)
"To John B, Re :  My vote for what it's worth......."

I agree with you 100 % , and not only that which you state but we will live some tribulation for at least two or three months before the rapture, like some devastating earthquakes on the west coast and maybe also on the New Madrid fault,  besides economic collapse and maybe some terrorist attacks in this country, etc. People get a date and wait till the last second for the rapture to happen. It will not be like that. WE WILL BE RESCUED from mayor disasters happening all around us. If you think of a date for a possible rapture date and nothing catastrophic happens well before that date, forget it, wrong date. That`s the way I see it. We will be rescued. Pentecost May 27 of this year 2012 seems very likely and still plenty of time for things to develop.                  George