Gary (11 Jan 2012)
"re: ron reese defcon 4"

hi, what is your evidence of this statement?
"The song that they CHOSE for Lady Ga Ga to sing was "Paparazzi". Please take note of the symbolism. They are warning us about Jan. 27--28th, their Planned Sudden Destruction date. Right after this date, Big Brother, the NWO's one-world government will take effect. There is no escaping the Paparazzi. They will hunt you down. You cannot hide from them. Lady Diana died trying to escape the Paparazzi. In the very near future, this will be the very same situation for millions of people. They are warning us of this same situation of one-world government's ability to control the masses. How very subtle and clever of the NWO to use their head cheerleader and Satanic singer and the song "Paparazzi", with its Big Brother implications."