Garry B (2 Jan 2012)
""KJV Debate" - Dec. 31, 2011"

Hi Joe,


You make some excellent points concerning the KJV and the other bibles used today.  The history of the Bible is not pretty -  I believe the original manuscripts were inspired by God but history tells us there were many opportunities for translation errors.  Some of these mistakes were intentional for political and other reasons and others mistakes were unintentional.


The original Hebrew words did not include vowels.  Vowels were added later by translators and the meaning/definition of the original vowel-less word could change dramatically depending on what vowels the translators  inserted into the vowel-less word.  Your statement, “The Scriptures in their original language is what is important” is true, but unfortunately the original God inspired manuscripts are no longer available so even the Hebrew and Greek bibles available today may not be an accurate translation.


I smile when someone uses Strong’s concordance and lexicon or something similar to translate an English word that may or may not have been correctly translated into a Hebrew or Greek word that may or may not have been correctly translated.  I also use Strong’s but with the understanding that it too may or may not be the correct translation from the original manuscripts inspired by God.