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"Iran uses Oil, Russia uses Natural Gas. I stated before, Bible Prophecy is all about those Resources"

Russia's Gazprom threatens 'countermeasures' against EU energy law January 27, 2012                                                    Gazprom chief Alexei Miller has told Sueddeutsche Zeitung the firm is considering "countermeasures" against an EU law forcing it to split its operations into separate companies for the sake of competition. He said the law will lead to lower investment in EU energy infrastructure and could lead to energy shortages for EU members.

Russia secures ownership of Belarus gas pipelines

Nov 25, 2011  MOSCOW -  

Moscow has sought to win control of existing transit routes and build new export pipelines bypassing its neighbors in order to secure its hold on energy supplies to Europe, its main export market.

Past pricing disputes have led to disruptions in energy supplies to customers in the European Union, prompting EU nations to intensify a search for an alternative supply.  The gas deal with Russia are efforts by Putin, who is all but certain to reclaim the Russian presidency in March's vote, to create a new, stronger alliance of ex-Soviet nations.  "Putin is going to the election with a geopolitical plan of a new empire, and he's ready to pay the devil to achieve that," Belarus' first post-Soviet leader, Stanislav Shushkevich told The Associated Press.

Russia is nearing its goal to become almost the sole natural gas supplier for Europe. 
“Domestic production in Europe is falling since the resource in Norway is old,”

“Europe will have to meet 74 percent of its natural gas [needs] from Russia by 2030.”

EU energy proposal has safeguards

Jan. 27, 2012  Brussels' push to insert itself into energy deals between member states and non-EU countries.

Under the proposal unveiled by EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger in September, the Brussels leadership would have to be notified of any energy sector deal information "before and after" negotiations with third countries.

If the deals weren't deemed in the best interests of the EU as a whole or are insufficiently transparent, the commission could sue member states to change the terms.

He said the goal, is "so that the EU and its member states act together and speak with one voice" on issues regarding regional energy security- and specifically its efforts to lessen dependence on Russia for natural gas.


Gazprom logoApril 30th 2006- It seems that Europe has a looming Gazprom problem. The largest natural gas extractor in the world, and third largest oil company, Gazprom appears keen to dominate European energy markets.


The Russian government has a majority on Gazprom's board of directors. Gazprom has already flexed its muscles by cutting off gas to the Ukraine, and warning Belarus it will triple gas prices by year-end. Now it has turned its attention to the European Union.

The recent Russian Economic Forum in London is a warning of things to come: Don't stand in the way

EU needs unity for energy, official says  Jan. 26, 2012 BRUSSELS, - Fractures in solidarity among EU member states are getting in the way of broader developments in the energy sector, an official said.  EU Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger noted there are "huge" challenges ahead as the European community looks to decarbonize its economy, and those challenges are not going to go away.

Forecasts for 2012 predict the European economy will struggle with recession, an economic calamity expected to impact the broader global market.

"It will be essential that we find new ways to tap into the potentials of energy efficiency, in order to decarbonize our economy," Oettinger said.

From my earlier posts in 2011,

Natural gas is an abundant and environmentally friendly fuel that’s already revolutionizing key global energy industries such as petrochemicals. And natural gas is a far more viable alternative to oil in the transportation sector than any alternative energy technologies.

The energy source that may be important for meeting future demand under carbon dioxide emissions constraints, and competitiveness in a future marketplace conditioned by a CO2 emissions price, at the heart of it is Natural Gas.


The export of the Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas surplus can by facilitated via compressed natural gas vessels (CNG) loading directly from the offshore field floating production systems to Eu ports..

E.U. Poised to Overtake U.S. as Biggest Oil Importer

November 9, 2011
London— The European Union is expected to overtake the United States as the world’s biggest oil importer in 2015, said the International Energy Agency.  Oil-importing nations will increasingly rely on a small number of producing nations, the agency said.
Much of world oil supplies are transported via vulnerable routes in the Gulf, the Malacca Straits and elsewhere (Watch the earthquakes emphasis mine), the energy agency said.

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