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"Why Damascus ceases to be, tied in with the Bible Code perfectly"

WMD from Iraq Matrix (PDF) by Roy A. Reinhold. The WMD (weapons of mass destruction) from Iraq matrix was introduced on the new History Channel Bible code special which premiered on April 11, 2004. It is shown here in its entirety. The matrix investigates whether Saddam Hussein relocated his WMD to Syria and the Beqaa valley of Lebanon prior to the Gulf War which began in March, 2003. The matrix affirms the investigation thesis and adds predictive elements.

Satellite Photos Support Claims of Iraqi WMD in Syria.

June 6 2010

Ha’aretz has revived the mystery surrounding the inability to find weapons of mass destruction stockpiles in Iraq.

Satellite photos of a suspicious site in Syria are providing new support for the reporting of a Syrian journalist who briefly rocked the world with his reporting that Iraq’s WMD had been sent to three sites in Syria just before the invasion of Iraq commenced.

The newspaper reveals that a 200 square-kilometer area in northwestern Syria has been photographed by satellites at the request of a Western intelligence agency at least 16 times, the most recent being taken in January 2010. The site is near Masyaf, and it has at least five installations and hidden paths leading underneath the mountains. This supports the reporting of Nizar Nayouf, an award-winning Syrian journalist who said in 2004 that his sources confirmed that Saddam Hussein’s WMDs were in Syria.

Masyaf is located on a road that goes from Hamah, where there is an airfield sufficient to handle relatively large aircraft, into Lebanon and the western side of the Bekaa Valley, another location said to house Iraqi weapons.

January 18, 2012

In the past 48 hours, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey have alerted Washington to intelligence reports of Iranian Al Qods Brigades operatives heading their way for attacks on oil installations and American targets, Debkafile’s intelligence and counterterrorism sources say.  Tuesday, Jan. 17, a US spokesman accused Tehran of deepening its involvement in the Syrian conflict. For the second time in a week, Washington disclosed that Al Qods commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani had visited Damascus recently.  Part of Soleimani's Damascus mission was to synchronize the Al Qods cells' strikes across the Middle East, Turkey, Lebanon, Gaza and Sinai, all with the tempo of Assad's crackdown on protesters. He also dealt with setting up terrorist attacks against Israeli targets.

A US spokesman said: “We are confident that he was received at the highest levels of the Syrian government, including by President Assad.”

Syrian 'chemical, biological' weapons concern Israel

IDF's planning division head says chemical, biological weapons still flowing into Syria, wonders 'what will be transferred to Hezbollah?'


The immediate concern is the huge stockpiles of chemicals, biologicals (weapons), strategic capabilities that are still going into Syria, mainly from eastern Europe," 

"That's a major concern because I don't know who is going to own those the day after. 

"We are talking about huge stockpiles," Major-General Amir Eshel, head of the Israeli military's planning division said.


Israeli drone over Turkish-Syrian border. Battles in Syrian-Jordanian-Israeli border triangle
DEBKAfile  January 4, 2012
Israeli Eitan drone

Military tensions are building up on Syria's borders. Wednesday, Jan. 4 2012,  Israeli Eitan (Heron) drone in the sky above the Turkish Hawk Brigade 14 stationed on the northern Syrian border at Kirikhan in the Hatay district of southern Turkey. The Israeli drone was said to have hovered over the encampment for four hours.


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