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"The Rambam Gate, the trigger, but first the gas"

Israelis Make Temporary Fix on At-Risk Jerusalem Bridge  01/09/2012
The deteriorating condition and potential reconstruction of the Rambam Gate, is getting a temporary fix despite controversy between Israelis and Palestinians.

New fireproofing has been added to the span, which travels from the Western Wall to the Temple Mount complex, as part of an attempt to strengthen the structure and reduce its fire risk.
Jerusalem municipal officials want to destroy the bridge and build a new one, noting its fire risk to the Temple Mount area. However, PM Netanyahu has intervened, fearing it could trigger riots across the Arab world. 
"Israeli engineers deem that the structure is unsafe, and the Jerusalem Planning Commission has already approved the construction of a new bridge," said a senior Jerusalem official.

However, there is strong opposition from the Council for Moslem Interests in Israel and by the Wakf Islamic Trust.

Could Israel Face 'Third Intifada'?


'Second Intifada' and the Temple Mount-
Palestinian Authority Arabs term the bloody years-long terror war that began in 2000 “the Second Intifada”. Many claim that the fighting, which included hundreds of suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli civilians, began when then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount.

A Mediterranean chessboard


Energy Resources 

Israel tightens Med defense links over gas   Jan. 11, 2012 

TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 11 (UPI) -- Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has pledged to upgrade his country's defense links with Greece and is reported to have signed a defense cooperation pact with Greek Cypriots to counter Turkish threats against joint exploration of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean.

Threats abound, however. Lebanon, which also seeks to benefit from the energy wealth under the sea, claims Israel is poaching on its territorial zone, which has not been demarcated by treaty.

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah, currently the dominant partner in the Beirut government, has vowed it will never allow Israel to "plunder" Lebanese assets.

Israel and Cyprus plan to jointly funnel their gas exports through an underwater pipeline running from the Jewish state through Cyprus to the European Union via Greece.

This infuriates Turkey, which has become bitterly anti-Israeli.

Defense Minister Barak said when he visited Athens this week that relations with Greece "have never been so close." The two countries held joint air force exercises recently.

Debt-ridden Greece, whose links with Israel were cool for decades, is only too happy to hook up a war-seasoned military power like the Jewish state to confound the Turks amid dramatic changes in the Middle East.

Cypriot Defense Minister Demetris Eliades visited Israel to sign a defense cooperation pact Monday. Cyprus has no navy or air force, so it needs Israel to act as a deterrent to Turkey.

No details were officially disclosed, but Eliades made it clear the Israelis had approval "in advance" to operate in Cypriot air space and waters.

Greek Cypriot sources said Israel had asked to use the Andreas Papandreou air base in Paphos, in the southwestern tip of the island and once used by the Greek air force.

Basing Israeli aircraft in southern Cyprus is guaranteed to rile the Turks.


                                          defence minister, Panos
                                          Beglitis (L), with his Israeli
                                          counterpart Ehud Barak on
                                          September 5 in Tel Aviv


What is Greece doing with it's latest 'bailout funds'?  

Greece Spends Bailout Cash On European Military Purchases 

And the aftermath of the Prophesied War yields that the 'Jewish state' will become more Jewish.


*The Temple DOES NOT have to be completely rebuilt to fulfill Dan 9:27 prophecy. If a corner stone is set, the court can be measured to establish the location of the altar. Then, with the altar up and operating, this prophecy is satisfied. This was the same procedure used to rebuild the Temple in ancient times too. The walls were restored AFTER the altar was operating.


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