Frank R Molver (7 Jan 2012)
"Marylin re no sudden destruction prior to rapture and reversing age in heaven"

I agree with you re the separate rapture thing.
It does not seem that there has to be sudden destruction before the rapture.
That is not saying that it could happen though.
There is going to be all kinds of disaster till the end
So we are in speculation corner
Re seeing Ed as a young man in heaven, I and others have had the same experience.
Why would God give you your old body back anyway?.
My mother passed away several years ago at 86 years old
About a year after that I struck my head real hard when I fell backwards on the ice.
I was worried that I would get a subdural hematoma and maybe die
Though I had some of the symptoms I was not worried for me but for my family
Anyway, one night I briefly saw my mother, she had lip stick on and looked as if she were about 20 years old
She just looked at me and smiled and gave me a reassuring look
I have heard of others seeing their loved ones who died old as being young.
So what your sensed is real
A little taste of heaven.