Frank R Molver (4 Jan 2012)
"Jovial re Jubilee 2015-2016"
I am going for the 2015-2016 date Joe.
I mean, the other one is depressing.
Rambam (Maimonedies) narrows the Talmudic idea down further by saying that the destruction of the second temple happened in the 15th year of the 9th Jubilee (yovel) period. This would have meant that 55-56 AD was a Jubilee year, going by the reckoning that the Jubilee year is always the 1st year in a 49 year cycle - that is - that the 50th year is also the 1st year of another 7 year cycle. Some people think it is an extra added year - so there's another point of differing interpretations. This problem is easy to solve, because Israel's captivity lasted for 70 years, which we're told was for the failure to observe 70 Sabbaths in a 490 year period. Ifthe Jubilee year was inserted BETWEEN 7 year counts, this would not add up to 70 years. It can only result in 70 years of sabbaths for the land if the Jubilee year does not interupt the counting of the 7 year cycle, which can only happen if the Jubilee year, as the 50th year, is the first year of the 7 year cycle following seven 7-year cycles. So if Rambam was right, the next Jubilee year would be in Tishri 2015 to Tishri 2016.