Frank R Molver (30 Jan 2012)
"re 3 dove visions of US ship sunk in ME, ? March"

This is rather eerie.
War is hell and we are but pawns.
Several of us here have posted warnings God has shown us re a US ship being sunk
Some of these have been given many years ago as in the below links
It appears the time of this happening is soon.
The main ship in mind would be an aircraft carrier which can hold up to 5,000 souls
There is some indication that this is planned as a pretext for war and a major power grab.
It appears to be either the Lincoln or the Enterprise.
Mike's vision seems to be the clearest re which ship.
The reason I thought of the Lincoln would possibly line up with a vision by JR Nyquist.
JR has a web site called The Final Phase in which he shares inside info re Russia's end game plan for the US
He saw the last president in a vision with the words "the end of the Republic"
That would mean no more free US
Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, believe it or not.
THis post by Mike indicates that the Enterprise will go thru the strait of Hormuz in March
John has one indicating a carrier too, which he thinks is the Enterprise
This is a better link to the previous post John refers to in the above link
I have also shared a vision I had of a US ship being destroyed.
This appeared to me perhaps around 1995, can't remember for sure.
I saw a ship being struck by something so powerful that I could only see the frame of the ship, skeleton.
Everything else was consumed by this powerful weapon.
It appeared to be a frigate like ship, one of the ships that would be around the carrier.
I was not sure of the location, but it seemed to be in a place with a warm or hot climate.
I wonder what the temp in the Persian gulf is in March?
Looks like it is about 80 F