Frank R Molver (14 Jan 2012)
"Obama in the Christian temple in Jerusalem, Nicole"

This comes from the debate re whether there will be a temple or not on the Temple Mount
This is a vision by a French man re Obama being coronated as the AC in a Christian temple
It was posted by Nicole
He also sees the next pope as the false prophet.
I, like many of you, think he is right.
What was curious is that this person saw him in a Christian temple.
Suppose that could be the Vatican?
Not sure, probably not because the bible says that it will be in the Holy Place
And that could only be in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.
The AC copies and mocks the true Messiah
It will be on the temple mount.
It will be in a temple.
Get over it, it is going to happen.
And that is why there must be a war soon that involves the US helping Israel
So guess who is the hero to them then?
By the way, Obama is equally insincere to all religions, and they will unite behind him.