Frank R Molver (10 Jan 2012)
"salt is doing the will of God"

Salt has been a topic of discussion at the prophetic praise group I am in.
The scripture loosing ones saltiness came up.
Salt and water being spiritual symbols
Water being the Holy Spirit
Salt being the witness of God inside us that counteracts the spirit of the world.
If the Holy spirit is present in your life, the joy is there.
If there is something amiss, could it be that there is resistance to obeying God's commandments?.
God wanting us to do something we don't want to do or would rather avoid
I believe salt is doing the will of God.
If you don't do the will of God the water dries up, the joy leaves.
Then you become dry.
The salt no longer has the water to bind  to.
The wind comes and blows it away.
You need the keep the water to keep the salt.
Got something you have been avoiding?.
Something you need made right?
Someone you can't seem to forgive?
Not only will you free yourself, you will free them too.
Then comes the peace.
Ones that do the will of God, not just hear the word of God.