fourmikks (5 Jan 2012)
"final 7 yr fulfillment in relation to antichrist/mayan calendar"



I noted in a previous post a few days ago the possible time frame of the last 7 years and not 1 person responded.  It's of no offense to me but I was hoping for some understanding of the time frame.  This post will be in relation to the enemy's doings during those 7 years.  Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, rather expose them.


You must ask yourself this:

*who is the man who speaks proud words and blasphemies for 42 months?  And who is he in connection with:

*who is the beast of the sea?

* Who is Apollyon-the beast from the bottomless pit who has 5 months to torment the men of the Earth?

*which of the two is the antichrist?  Could it be both?

*what does the verse mean 'he was given a mouth'?  Rev 13:5  Does it mean elected, or given the office of _____  during the 70th week time frame?  Would that exlude all other kings, etc as being contenders who have been in office longer than 42 months?  I believe it would.



Could a human who was given a mouth-imo= elected, be inhabited by Apollyon after he receives a mortal head wound and live?  It says the false prophet breathes life, pneuma into the image of the beast.  I think image means it's his body.  The Geneva Bible even goes along these same lines, it states it's a spirit, not life like in the kjv. The greek even says it's possibly a spirit of an angel or demon. 

Ask yourself why all of the sudden would hopi shaman take crystal skulls all along the US taking stops along the way @ the end of 2011?  November 20th is a prominant day on their calendar- it is to observe the special location in deep space that has been sacred to mystery religions-The Pleiades.  Here is a quote:


Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza. The pyramid has 91 steps on each of its four sides, totalling 364, plus the top step: 365 altogether. This is a clear sign of a calendrical meaning. Every year, on spring equinox, the afternoon Sun causes a shadow play on the pyramid, so it appears that a huge snake is descending the pyramid from the sky. The effect is enhanced by stone snake heads at the bottom of one staircase. The Crotalus durissus rattlesnake, whose zig-zag pyramid pattern has heavily influenced Maya art and architecture, also has a marking close to its rattle, that is identical to the Maya Ahau glyph, which is associated with the Sun. The rattle itself, is called “tzab” in the Yucatec Maya language and this is also the word for the Pleiades constellation. Jenkins argues that Kulkulcan, the Maya name for Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent of the Toltecs and Aztecs, is thus a symbol for the Sun-Pleiades-zenith conjunction, and sure enough, we are now at the beginning of a 360-year time window when the Pleiades conjuncts the zenith Sun directly over the Pyramid of Kukulcan. Right at start of the 360-year time window is 2012, and on the 20th May 2012, 60 days after the equinox snake shadow-play, the Pleiades-zenith Sun conjunction will occur on the same day as a solar eclipse, on the day 10 Chicchan in the unbroken Tzolkin count of the highland Maya. Chicchan means snake, and the snake rattle is sounding our wake-up alarm call!




Zenith cosmology over
                    Chichen Itza. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. C. 1998. J. M.



& more about the importance of November:

"in November, the Hopi have a ceremony called Wuwuchim, held in an underground chamber called a kiva, in which they re-enact the Emergence, which is seen as a birth process, and “initiates undergo a spiritual rebirth”. There is a hole in the floor of the kiva, symbolising the previous ascent, or Emergence from the Third World to the Fourth World. The ladder leading up and out of the kiva represents the forthcoming Emergence from the Fourth World into the Fifth World. The ceremony includes a “New Fire Ceremony” and culminates at midnight, with the Pleiades constellation overhead, showing a direct connection with the Toltec (and later Aztec) New Fire Ceremony, which Jenkins has decoded as a precession-tracking method, as encoded in the Pyramid of Kukulcan, “stone alarm clock” with its 2012 rattle-snake alarm."


The Pleiades at midnight on Nov 20 can be seen in the night sky where exactly 6 months later it cannot be seen but is stationed straight above Chichen Itza, but to be sure it is looked for on Nov 20 to confirm the May 20 date.  Hope that makes sense.




In Egypt, the sun was pictured as a feathered snake: (FYI: Quetzalcoatl is the feathered snake)



Egyptian feathered snake.
                    From The Tutankhamun Prophecies. C. 1999. Maurice


At the Washington Monument, looks strikingly familiar:




 So with all that we can conclude that something big has a high probability of happening on May 20: the conjuncion of the pleiades, earth, and sun combined with the eclipse on that day and Venus making it's heliacal rise on June 6 (around 16 days later).  According to what I believe is the 70th week conclusion, this aligns with 5 months for Apollyon to torment the men of the Earth for 5 months ending in Sept 2012-Yom Kippur.  (the Day of the Lord)


BTW, why do we have all this egyptian architecture in America???  Why did our president go to Egypt of all places as his first stop?  (Why do we have the 13 step pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill?  There was an exact replica unearthed in 1984 in Ecuador, google Klaus dona to find out more.  On the back of the artifact it says: the son of the creator comes, with the constellation orion on it.

The video is where he recognizes a picture resembling himself in a hieroglyph!


Why did he ramrod healthcare through saying, 'the stars are aligned...'

"That's why we've got to get this done.  We've got to get it done this year.  We've got to get it done this year -- both in the House and in the Senate.  And we don't have any excuses; the stars are aligned."-