Fay from Tx (10 Jan 2012)
"Response to Jim Bramlett- Our WORDS"

Thanks for this post:


Sunday morning as my family was getting into our blessed(!) vehicle to go to church our girls were fussing in the back seat and essentially trying to out-do each other with hurtful put downs.They are my step daughters (14 and 11 years old) and I am newly married so there is a delicate balance to my intervening in their behavior. Mostly I pray, but occasionally I speak up.

Before I knew what I was saying I told them not to curse each other. I wondered why I used that word.

Later our pastor told me the sermon God gave him the night before was from James. He gets excited about what the Lord shows him and often tells us before he tells us officially. The message concerned the power of our words, especially the power we have to curse fellow human beings with what we say about them. They are made in God's image and we are cursing them, whether we realize that's what we are doing or not.

Now today I read your post on Fivedoves.

It seems that God wants us to really know or be reminded  just how powerful our words are for both God's best purposes and Satan's worst schemes depending on what we choose.

Lord it's only in Your strength that the tongue can be tamed. I need Your strength!

Love to all the doves,

Fay in TX