Elliot Hong (7 Jan 2012)
"Re: Jean Stepnoski, The 8th Day & 2012 Republican Iowa Caucus"

Dear Jean and Doves:
I agree with you that 8 votes difference between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum
could be a prophetic sign of the 8th day. A difference is that you count it from the
end of Hanukkah and I count it from the first day of 2012. I explained my reasons
in the previous letter.
This study is connected to two main events of two main plots in the Scripture.
One is that the Chosen People received the Law and the other is that our Savior, Yeshua,
fulfilled the Law as He sacrificed Himself on the Cross.  Since our Blessed Hope is the most
glorious event, it is my belief that it must be associated with these two events.  In other
words, clues of God's appointed time for the Blessed Hope could be hidden in connection
with these two main events and established in the Word from the beginning.
Besides, many were assured for last Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah including 2011, and it's
hard to believe that all those assurances are wrong. But if the Blessed Hope comes true
by the 8th of January, they're still valid since it's a continuation from last Rosh Hashanah up
to this date as I explained in my study, and this continuation will be broken if this day passes
unless "21 days delay" is applied.
All the evidences are telling us it's very close.  I believe as many other watchers do, the 20
tons of dead fish vanishing in Norway is a definite sign from the Almighty telling the world
how imminent the vanishing of the Bride is.  Even though nothing happens by the 8th, we
all know it won't be long, and I'll keep watching and waiting.
See you soon.