Elliot Hong (4 Jan 2012)
"Another Study of New Possibility"

Dear Doves:
In the previous letter, I mentioned how the Lord uses watchmen to coordinate one another
in order to reveal His secrets.  Here is another study of new possibility that I put together
visions, dreams and articles of watchmen like Josua, Clay, Calvin, Charity, Angela, ruth and
"John16Me" with some new thoughts.  In "Clues of The Third Day from Hanukkah", I presented
a possibility which obviously didn't come true, but let's explore little further.
1) When Yeshua died on the Cross, He dedicated Himself as the Lamb to the Father, then
    resurrected on The Third Day.  Likewise, spiritually speaking, the Bride was dedicated to the
    Father at the end of Hanukkah(Dedication), and resurrected or transformed on The Third Day
    from Hanukkah which was Dec.31 and the last Sabbath of 2011.
    Resurrection or Transformation means being born into the Spiritual Realm (New Birth).
    And just like Jesus was dedicated in the Temple on the 8th day from the Birth, shouldn't the
    Bride be dedicated in the Temple of Heaven on the 8th day from the resurrection and the
2) I was very excited to learn from Josua's study that Hanukkah has another meaning of "Establishing"
    other than "Dedication".
    After Israelites were established in camp in front of Mt.Sinai, consecrated for The Third Day, then
    received the Law including the commandment of the Sabbath(Praise & Rest).  I thought it's not a
    coincidence at all that The Third Day from Hanukkah(Establishing) happens to be the last Sabbath
    of 2011 as well as the last day of 2011.
    And here is a very interesting point.
    After the Israelites received the Law of the Sabbath on The Third Day, Moses went up on the
    mountain, and according to Exdodus 24:16-18, for six days the cloud covered the mountain, and
    on the seventh day the Lord called Moses from within the cloud, then Moses entered the cloud as
    he went on up the mountain.  The Scripture doesn't tell us whether Moses presented himself
    before the Lord on the 7th day or the 8th day(he was only called on the 7th day), but if it's a
    parallel as the Bride being dedicated in the Temple of Heaven on the 8th day, then we can assume
    it was the 8th day Moses presented himself before the Lord.
3) As Clay had a vision, it makes sense to me that "Time's Up" on the 12th hour(midnight) of the last
    day of the 12th month in the 12th year, and the count down of the Judgment begins from 1/1/12.
    No wonder the phenomenon of dead birds falling repeated on the same day of Jan.1, 2011 and 2012.
    I know there are some people criticizing that the Charity's <5,6,7,Jesus!> has been applied too
    exceedingly for almost every cases.  But why not?  We should keep trying until it comes true.
    Many thought it fit for Hanukkah, but obviously it didn't, so why not apply it for this case?  Angela
    saw 5,6,7 clearly in her vision too, then a moth flew in when she opened the door. It suggests that
    the counting 5,6,7 is associated with the resurrection and the transformation.
    About two or three days later after I watched Angela's video clip, a beautiful insect flew in when I
    opened my door.  It happened for the first time, and the door is located inside of a building, so it's
    almost impossible to happen.  I knew it was a confirmation for me.  Therefore, something could
    happen from the 5th day.
4) According to Calvin's post, the Moon travels on Jan. 5-6 past Pleiades(the congregation of the judge
    or ruler) through Taurus(the Lord coming in wrath and ruling), and 3 days later on Jan.8-9, the Full
    Moon arrives in Gemini(the Bride).
5) Ruth received a message "It Will Not Be Prolonged Anymore...Judgment!!!" with Ezkiel 12:22-28.
    When I read these verses, I felt such an urgency in my heart, so it shouldn't be long.
6) Many of us were so sure for Hanukkah not to mention last Rosh Hashanah.  But if this study is right,
    it could be a continuation from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, and the last
    Sabbath of 2011 all the way up to the 8th day of January, 2012, and all the understandings, calculations,
    prophetic words, confirmations through visions and dreams of the Bride could be correct after all!
    Personally, because of the Shofar FlashMob which happened just before Rosh Hashanah in many cities
    around the world for the first time in Histroy, I knew last Rosh Hashanah was the definite time marker.
    God is perfect and it is my belief that the Departure will occur as an extension of last Rosh Hashanah.
All puzzles fit together perfectly.  But again, this is just a study and no one can say for sure "This is it!".
Only hope and pray that this could be it!
See you soon.