Elliot Hong (31 Jan 2012)
"The 46th Super Bowl"

Dear Doves:
In the previous letter, I mentioned about a possibility that Tim Tebow might be vanished
before the Super Bowl, and it'll give a tremendous shock and impact to Left Behind People.
And this could be one of reasons that the Almighty made Tim so popular through that
miraculous game.
Since the tensions are really building up rapidly in Syria and Iran right now, it's very possible
that it reaches to the climax by February 5(Sun), the day of the 46th Super Bowl.
I believe the miraculous game of Tim Tebow was a very significant sign because the Almighty
knew many of us were disappointed and confused as 2011 passed, so He wanted to comfort
and encourage us by giving a definite hint through the game. To me, only one pass completion
which let the overtime to end in 11 seconds was a clue that the Judgment could begin within
one month. The game was played on Jan.8, so one month will be until Feb.8, and it fits.
Again, this is just my opinion.