Elliot Hong (24 Jan 2012)
"Is This Why It Delayed?"

Dear Doves:
I firmly believed that the Time was up at the midnight of the last day in 2011(the 12th year)
and the Judgment would follow as 2012(the 13th year) begins.  When nothing happened, I
was puzzled.  Then the miraculous game was performed on Jan.8 and I knew right away
that a reason why the Almighty allowed the overtime was to show us allowing a little more
time into the New Year.  But how long and why?
It seems the Almighty covers not only the Jewish calendar but also the Gentile calendar of
both solar and lunar.  This could be why He delays the Judgment until the lunar New Year
begins. Only one pass completion ended the overtime in 11 seconds, and it could mean that
the Judgment begins before one month ends. The symbol of the lunar New Year is a dragon,
so it fits with Rev.12 and makes sense to me.  If it's so, it's been a long continuation from the
8.8 Concepcion EQ to this New Beginning of the lunar New Year in 2012.
If this theory is right, the Judgment could begin any time, and once it happens, the Departure
could occur within 5-7 days.
See you soon.