Elliot Hong (2 Jan 2012)
"Time's Up and Judgment Begins"

Dear Doves:
It makes sense to me that "Time's Up" on the 12th hour(midnight) of the last day of the 12th month
in the 12th year, as I mentioned in the previous letter.
It seems the Lord allowed the maximum time until the last Sabbath in the 12th year which was The
Third Day from Hanukkah, so we should expect the Judgment to begin without delaying.
Ruth received a message "It Will Not Be Prolonged Anymore...Judgement!!!" with Ezekiel 12:22-28.
Though we don't know when the Judgment(Catastrophe & War) begins exactly, once it happens the
Departure will follow shortly.  And the Holy Spirit will reveal hints through watchmen, if He decides
to do so.
When I read Josua's letter about "More Hanukkah Insights", I knew it was the work of the Holy Spirit.
In my experience, I just knew that without the inspiration of the Holy spirit, that kind of profound
study couldn't be made.  And after I was blessed by it, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write "The
Third Day from Hanukkah", then Josua was blessed by it.  He uses each watchmen to coordinate
one another and reveals His secrets through us so beautifully.
This time, however, for it is too close, we might not get anymore of confirmation or proof.
See you soon.