Elliot Hong (19 Jan 2012)
"A Clarification of Luke 16:16"

Dear Doves:
In the previous letter, I quoted Luke 16:16 and realized it's necessary to clarify what I wrote about the verse.
What I meant was that ever since Yeshua fulfilled the Law on the Cross and the Holy Spirit came, "Prophet" of
the Old Testament type no longer exists.  It didn't mean that I deny "Prophet" of the Church Age.
It is written in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 that a gift of prophecy is among many gifts and the Holy Spirit gives it to
those He chooses.  Therefore, as long as a prophet claims to be one accordingly to this word, I don't have
a problem.  But if any prophet claims to be or acts like uniquely elected and authorized by God as like the Old
Testament type, then that prophet should be false. The Lord never violates His own word. And it's equally wrong
to treat, trust, follow or lift up any prophet as the Old Testament type.
Like I said, to put faith on something or someone is a spiritual act and we should be careful for consequences, not
to be devoured by the dragon in the last days.