Elliot Hong (16 Jan 2012)
"Re: Nicole & Clay Cantrell, The signs of The Appointed Time"

To Nicole:
In our previous letters, we both wrote about the sign of the Blood Moon Eclipse which
occurred on Dec.10 last year, but you covered much deeper in details.  It was very
convincing and I was blessed by it.
Especially I loved your comment "This solution is grand.  It is spectacular.  It is precise.
It is simple enough that anyone can understand it.  And it has played out in the heavens
where all of the Earth's inhabitants have seen it.  The best word that I can think of to
describe this sign is elegant."
Hopefully it is the major sign of "This is it!".
To Clay:
As you wrote "I feel uncomfortable with NWO entities being introduced into an Endtime
scenario component.  I think those kind of theories are counterproductive, and hurt the
integrity of the Bible based material in a post.", I feel uncomfortable too.  To me, it's hard
to believe that the Almighty uses an evil's secret plan as a major sign of His appointed
time for the most glorious event.  As Nicole wrote, it should be the heavenly and elegant
signs, or a sign which is associated with Israel.
To Doves:
In my opinion, there is a danger to be deceived by the dark forces when the evil's secret
plans being mixed with the God's plans.  And as the Scripture warns, we have to beware
that supernatural signs and wonders could come from the dark forces too.
Certainly there is a good possibility that something big could occur on Jan.28, but in my
opinion, it might not be the major sign the Almighty uses as His appointed time. Of course
I'll watch for Jan.28, if nothing happens until the day before.  But I'll only watch it as like
any other day rather than putting my faith on it.  To put faith is a spiritual act and I have to
be extremly careful with it.
This is a reason why I don't put my faith on any so called "Prophet" of the Old Testament type
these days.  The Lord clearly said in Luke 16:16 "The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed
until John.  Since that time, the good news of the Kingdom of God is being preached, and
everyone is forcing his way into it." and warned in Matthew 24:11, not to be deceived by false
I respect all the faithful watchmen and have no intention to criticize, judge or accuse any one
personally.  Only reason I'm writing this letter is that I'm concerned because we're in a very
important time which Rev.12:5 warns not to be devoured by the dragon.  If anyone asks how
the Bride could be devoured by the dragon, I can't answer it since I'm not a theologian.  All
I'm saying is "Just Be Careful" and "Be Wise".
See you soon.