Elliot Hong (14 Jan 2012)
"More Clues from the Miraculous Game"

Dear Doves:
There is no doubt that the Tim Tebow's miraculous win was an amazing display of
God's awesomeness.  Many of us were expecting something big might happen on
the 8th day of the New Year.  I didn't watch the game, and when nothing much
happened on that day, I was little down.  Then later I learned about the game and
knew it was the God's answer for our expectation. To me, the most intriguing part
was the overtime. The Almighty could let Tim to win the game in the regular time,
so I knew there must be hidden messages why He allowed the overtime. I already
mentioned some points in my previous letter "A Message of 11 Seconds?" and
other Doves came up with more excellent ideas.  Here are additional points I like
to make.
1) Overtime is a period which is continued from a regular time. To me, there is no
    question that the regular time of the game meant 2011, the 12th year and the
    overtime meant the New Year, 2012, the 13th year.   There were so many
    watchmen who received vision and prophetic word about "Time's Up" last year.
    To me, "Time's Up" of the regular time was a confirmation indicating that indeed
    "Time's Up" at the 12th hour(midnight) of the last day in the 12th year.
    12 represents Governmental Perfection or Change.
2) The overtime was over very quickly in the shortest time in history by just one pass
    completion. To me, it suggests that the Judgment will come very quickly and swiftly
    as the New Year rolls in.  In fact, several watchmen received the same messages
    lately.  This is why I'm thinking earlier dates than Jan.28.
3) I still believe 11 seconds meant not only "Judgment" but also the 11th day, and
    the Judgment could begin sometime after the 11th day.  I don't know exactly when
    and a purpose of this letter is to find clues.
    In order to find clues, we should look for the significant signs of last year which
    could make a connection with the New Year as like a regular time is connected with
    a overtime. I found two posts of Pieter and Calvin are significant.
    a.  Pieter believes the Blood Moon Eclipse on Dec.10, 2011 was the very important
        sign, because it was the almost exact imitation of the total lunal eclipse on the
        day that Jesus was crucified. 42(Advent) days from Dec.10, 2011 is Jan.21, 2012,
        the Sabbath.
    b. Calvin believes Dec.24, 2011 was very significant day, because there was a partial
        eclpise of the sun as the "baby" moon was born, also the first day of Tevet and
        the 5th day of Hanukkah.   Applying 21(Exceeding sinfulness of sin) days and it
        comes to Jan.14, 2012, the Sabbath. In addition, the moon will be located at a
        crown of 12 stars(Rev.12:1)on Jan.12-14 and at feet of the woman on Jan.17-18.
        Calvin also found out that 311 days from the 9.0 Japan earthquake & tsunami on
        3/11 last year is Jan.15-16, 2012.
I'm not trying to set any exact date, only studying and searching for possibilities.  All I
can say is that it's very possible the Judgment(Catastrophe & War) and the Departure
could occur during a period from Jan.13 to Jan.21.  If nothing happens, I will keep
watching for other possible dates including Jan.28.
In my opinion, however, there will be no Tim Tebow in Super Bowl this year. Perhaps
this could be a reason why the Lord makes him so popular now so that his vanishing
before Super Bowl could give a strong shock and impact to the Left Behind People.
See you soon.