Elliot Hong (10 Jan 2012)
"111 in the 13th year? : Reply for Jean Stepnoski"

Dear Jean and Doves:
Thanks a lot for your reply.  When nothing happened on Jan.8, I was little down, but your letter made my day.
I believe you're right saying that 8 votes difference between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum could be a prophetic
sign of 8 days and it should be counted from Jan.3, since it's the day that the Republican Iowa Caucuses was held.
It comes to 1/11 and makes a perfect sense to me.
If we start counting from the year 2000, 2011 is the 12th year and 2012 is the 13th year. 11 represents "Judgment"
and 13 represents "Apostacy".  And once "Time's Up" at the 12th hour(midnight) of the last day of the 12th month
in the 12th year, there is no reason the Judgment to be delayed any longer.  It will come swiftly and furiously.
All the recent signs and prophetic words indicate that the Judgment is very imminent. And once the Judgment begins,
the Departure could occur within 5-7 days in my opinion.
Besides, 111 is on the same line of 911, 211(Mubarak resigned) and 311(Japan EQ).  It is 10 months from 311 and
10 represents "Completion of Cycle".
There were 5.0 earthquakes at Christchurch and Bio Bio, Chile during the first week of the New Year.  To me, this is
a definite sign that the Delivery of the Church is near.  If the Jusgment begins by 1/11, it could be the final climax of
the Birth Pangs which have been continued from the 8.8 Concepcion EQ.  It also means all the confirmations for last
Rosh Hashanah, Hanukkah, and 2011 are still valid.
Again, this is just a thought, but let's hope and pray that it could come true this time.
See you soon.