Elaine Shealy (12 Jan 2012)
""To: Kim D -"Anyone noticed the windy weather across the world lately?""

In addition to what T.O. had to say about the weather, there has been an incestent blowing of the wind since right before Katrina hit the Gulf.  I live in South central Mississippi and the wind blowed night and day, one way then another.  Back and forth and has blown to some degree since 2005.  I have discussed this numerous times as being prophetic.
In Perry Stone's book, "How to Interpret Dreams and Visions", he wrote: " First Reference: Genesis 8:1 - When the wind sent from God blew over the earth, it dried up the floodwaters in Noah's day.
"Possible Meanings:  There are two tpyes of wind: wind that comes from heaven as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, such as the "mighty rushing wind" on the Day of Pentecost(Acts 2:1-4), and wind that brings destruction and death, as when satan produced the wind storms that destroyed the house of Job's family, bringing death to ten children(Job 1).  In a dream, if a wind is tearing up the surrounding area, it indicates a time of severe trouble is coming. If the wind is gentle and brings a positive feeling, it can allude to a move of the Holy Spirit upon a situation."
This time last year I was asleep and covered with bed covering because it was cold and a wind came in my bedroom and blew over my legs very strong and woke me up.  I knew it was the Lord, and I said, " What is it Lord?"  He said, "Get up and kneel by your bed."  I did and ask Him, "What is it?"  and waited.  Finally He said, "There is going to be a war."  And I said, "No, surely not Lord."  Once again He said, "There's going to be a war."  About a week later we had a hugh war within my family that has divided my family and caused much pain.
Thank all of you Doves for encouragement and revelations.  God Bless you.  Can't wait to see Jesus's face!!
Elaine Shealy