Edwina (7 Jan 2012)
"Unclean food should we be eating it? as a Christian?"

Dear John and Doves,
Does any one have any clear instinct on this matter?
If the "Sabbath" is treated with a slack attitude - we learn from our Jewish bretheren how to aspire.....to their heights of just how to live out our sabbath.
And so, I am thinking to myself, if we are indeed "God's Peope" not by birth but by His Blood. If we love Jesus being Jewish, should we not also love everything that was and is important to Him?
I Would be very interested to hear if anyone has any radical thoughts on this, should we be eating "unlean" food?
(I understand, the 'middle-way' that there is a New Covenant, but I feel that it cannot mean that everything before is as nothing? Especially concerning God's Law to His Covenant People? - Are we grafted into the 'One New Man' : gentile and Jew?)
Shabbat Shalom, for later..... sincerely edwina.