Edwina (6 Jan 2012)
"Patti C - Wow! what a post!"

Dear Patti,
Your post was brilliant and The Most Holy Spirit showed you all that!!
I share your literal excitement! we are getting closer and closer every hour, every minute! and Praise God for Five Doves..we could never have learnt all we have on our own steam!
What a Blessing to have incredible insight and specialities within our ranks. I had thought about the Rapture being a sudden distruction and was trying to work out how the "world" would separate the Rapture from the Sudden Distruction, if they both happened at the exact same moment who would be able to sort out the finer details?? ie; Christian's being evacuated....aswell as the war stuff.
From the Ron Reese point of view, I have not always understood his point of view regarding the last 7 years, however, I have recently just "see the light" as it were.
When the financial collapse occured in 2008, around  the Feast of Taberacles I literally heard and felt a loud mighty siren go off in my spiritman....and I heard Jesus tell me to get rid of all depts asap. It is not until recently when I read and re-read Ron's RED ALERT..that I finally put that missing piece for my understanding.  I had always up until that moment been thinking that 2012 - 2019. was the 7 year period and with the Great Tribulation within that. So Ron has been a real eye opener since I used to respect his work but didnt yet understand where he was coming from!! But now I do.
So indeed! for myself am so thankful and interested to hear other points of views/ watchmen and so, between us we are getting to the thruth of the matter Through the workings of the Most Holy Spirit.
According to your input, we could almost go up, "anytime!"
Best wishes and love in Jesus, edwina