Edwina (13 Jan 2012)
"Prophetic Dream about a dragon and a demon and a nuclear deity."

I have just woken from a dream, which seemed completely spiritual in it's nature and content.
The Lord wants me to share it.
The earth was small and I saw a dragon walking around the earth and as it's feet were like long pins, at each step I was able to put along large pin into the neck of the dragon.
This situation continued until the dragon was completely hindered and annoyed by my pin in it's neck.
I then grabbed it's head, my hand was powerful and then the dragon turned into a powerful, angry, spitting snarling wild dog like animal. I was holding it's jaws so that it could not escape or bite me. (I was infact incontrol of it...or had the upper hand although it was, struggling against me).
Then I said to the entity, "Tell the people what your secret is..."
It snarled and spit back, "I'm invisible."
Then, whilst holding the jaws of it, with it's head I used it's nose to de-activate lots of switches which were turned down, I used it's nose to flip the switches off. These switches represented demonic attack on people on the earth. As the switches were turned off, there was great rejoicing and joy from the souls who were being tormented and attacked by this invisible entity, it had been made totally impotent,in this regard.
Then, I let the entity go and then I walked through an area with important or influencial powerful rulers, and at the end was an entity, the size of a dwarf, this was the ruling deity, waiting to be activated and fed.
Someone then took an radio active nuclear disc, held in tongs and this was placed, screwed into the stomach area of the deity, which made a white hot explosion of active power and now with great power, the deity was now activated for action/worship and was now alive and ignited, a powerful force.
dream ended.