Ed C (19 Jan 2012)
"Maybe Before I Get There & Acts 1:11"

Hi Doves:
This is one of those "has this been happening to you" writings.
As of late here's what's been happening.
I'm on my way from my office to the mail room.  About half way there I get a thought, It may be before I get there.  Re: The Rapture)
On my way from the office to the car.  Maybe before I get there (the rapture)
On my way to the ball field from the car (I officiate flag football for the city league)  Again, maybe before I get there. (Re: the Rapture)
Seems to happen more and more.
On another subject:
Acts 1:11, for those of us who are having the 111's.  I can't seem to shake that.  Jesus will return in like manner as they saw him leave.  Any chance "like manner" includes the time of that event?  Can the greek word study gurus have a go at that?

I heard/read the other day, whether it was five-doves or elsewhere, I don't recall, that either Enoch or Elijah, again, memory fail, were raptured on their birthday.  Since I can't recall my source, don't put too much stock in that last sentence, just putting it out there as general info.  If true, though, that points to Pentecost as well, doesn't it?  (Assuming Ron's date comes and goes.)
Ed C