DP (19 Jan 2012)


Bonnie Gaunt showed by calculation that the cross was in 33 AD. I have known for over a decade that the church age was 2000 years in length. For some time, before the year 2000 I had hoped that those 2000 years were calculated in prophetic years which would reduce the 2000 Solar years to about 1971 Prophetic years.........but alas, that time would have expired about 2004-2005.
This means that the 2 days of the church age are measured in normal Solar years.......this puts the end of the church age at the year 2033 AD. Bad news for most.......a long time away!
But, here is the good news. In the book of Ruth, a phrase appears in chapter 2:23 that says Ruth continued in the Harvest fields ''until the end of the barley and wheat harvests''. This phrase adds in the Hebrew to the number 2033 ! What are the odds?
As we look at simple chronology as taught in the Feast Days........ here is what has happened and where we are (I believe) on God's calendar.
Jesus was 'the first of the firstfruits' and was raised from mortality to immortality on the Feast of Firstfruits in 33 AD, which was on a Sunday.
The Harvest season in Israel could not start UNTIL the wave sheaf of the Feast of Firstfruits was Harvested. The waving pictured the resurrection and presentation of Jesus who fulfilled that day. The Harvest could not begin until Jesus was ''harvested''. It was a Law.
That Harvest cycle first runs from The Feast of Firstfruits to Pentecost........it is called the 'counting of the omer'.......which is 50 days. Pentecost ENDS this period.......it is a concluding Festival to the Passover season. Repeat........a concluding Feast.
Much confusion has arisen about when the grains were harvested. Some think that the Wheat Harvest started at Pentecost. However, my research shows that Pentecost was the conclusion of the wheat harvest in ancient Israel. But before the wheat harvest was the Barley harvest. Both the Barley and the Wheat were harvested from Firstfruits to Pentecost!
Ruth who pictures the Bride of Christ works in the Harvest fields of Boaz ''until the END of both the barley and wheat harvests''.
However, the BARLEY harvest is COMPLETED FIRST........approximately 30 days from when the Wave Sheaf of Barley was ''harvested''.
A study of the word Barley shows that it pictures THOSE OVERCOMERS WHO ARE HARVESTED FIRST........notice the Barley is WINNOWED.........a ''simple tossing into the air''.......whereas the Wheat is THRESHED......a more ''severe'' harvesting.........picturing possibly going thru a time of tribulation.
We are now at year 2012. Year 2033 will CONCLUDE BOTH THE HARVESTING OF THE BARLEY AND THE WHEAT HARVESTS.......with the Barley being Harvested FIRST !!
So clearly, the time groweth close for the completion of the  Harvesting of the Barley. Also note that in Ruth chapter 3 that the ''marriage'' of Ruth and Boaz was initiated while Boaz was winnowing BARLEY!!
Notice also that is was at night.......before the dawn......and was in secret.........''tell no man you were at the (winnowing) floor''!
This happens just before the 'next day' comes. What day is that? The 7th day.......after 6000 years from when Adam sinned in 3968 BC and 2000 years from the Cross. (Double check math, from 3968 BC to year 2033 AD is 6000 years.)
And notice that SIX MEASURES of Barley were taken to Naomi by Ruth. Naomi is a picture of the Jewish nation.
The counting of the 50 days from Feast of Firstfruits to Pentecost are the ''weeks appointed for the Harvest'' as Jeremiah says. In we use a template and put those 50 days on a 2000 year time line ending in 2033, then the last period of 50 days/years runs from 1983 to 2033.
Did the year 1983 start the last period of 50 years? The most ancient of calendars, the Gezar Calendar shows that the length of the Barley harvest was about 30 days. See this link:
Notice that this calendar starts with the Fall and then says there was about a month of the Barley harvest.........that would be approximately 30 days. After that would come the Wheat Harvest to be concluded by Pentecost....by the end of May at the latest.
30 days of the 50 days from Firstfruits to Pentecost, when converted to years, and then in consideration that the Last, Final 50 year period runs from 1983 to 2033 yields this:
From 1983 adding 30 years for the Conclusion of the Barley harvest results in the year 2013 AD !!!
But, that year is approximate but close (margin of error estimated at plus or minus one year) for the Conclusion of the Barley Harvest!!
Look up and study the types of where Barley is used. Gideon's army and the dream of a barley loaf rolling into the enemy's camp.........Jesus multiplying the Barley to be given to the Disciples to be given to the others.......Barley pictures the Overcomers......and the conclusion of the Barley harvest is the Final rapture/translation of those Barley Overomers.
The critical question then arises: Are the Barley Overcomers, after their translation/rapture THEN USED TO BRING IN THE WHEAT HARVEST? I think so! For Ruth worked in the fields until ''the end of BOTH the Barley and the Wheat Harvests''..........and note this typology:
Jesus Broke and Multiplied The 5 Barley Loaves........why?.......to give to the inner Disciples......why?.........to give to ''the rest that followed Him''!!
Both the Barley and the Wheat are considered as ''firstfruits harvest'' when compared to the later harvests of the grapes and other fruits of the Summer and Fall. This is why one verse alludes to the ''firstfruits of the wheat harvest'' being Pentecost. Many have erroneously concluded that phrase means the wheat harvest started on Pentecost......but not so!! It is simply saying that Pentecost is a Firstfruits Harvest compared to the Entire Havest cycle that ends at Tabernalces. In fact one name of Pentecost is the Day of Firstfruits. It was a CONCLUDING FESTIVAL TO PASSOVER..........so considered by the Jews........not the start of a new harvest.......but a Conclusion of the Grain Harvest!!
What does this mean? It means we are now at year 2012 AD and are very close to the conclusion of the Harvesting of the Barley !!