Doug Blakemore (26 Jan 2012)

Well John, with this request for diabetic help, you might need to add
an extra page or two.  my guess is that there will be tons of help on
this topic.

However, as a type 2 diabetic, let me add my perspective.

1.  If you are over weight - LOSE IT - the best health tip anyone can
give you for type 2.
2.  If your sugar is high, normally the fastest way to reduce your
sugar is through exercise.  There are also a lot of herbs and spices
and various natural things that can help but nothing will help faster
than good old sweat and a workout.  If you have trouble doing much -
just begin walking if possible.  ANYTHING to get your heart rate up
(safely) will help to bring down your numbers.
3.  Watch getting too low!  Always have some food on hand and keep
your test kit handy to know when you might need a snack.  Many
diabetics can have as much trouble keeping sugar up as they can
getting it to go down.  Unfortunately, we have problems in both
directions!  It isn't just about getting it down but that is
frequently where the biggest problems are.
4.  KNOW YOURSELF.  Pay attention to when your sugar goes up, how long
it stays up and be very very aware of the foods you eat.  There is no
exact cookie cutter formula for being a diabetic - eventually you will
become the absolute best person to give yourself advice about how
foods and stress and sleep and activity affect you.  But just when you
think you have it all figured out - start from scratch as this is some
times a moving target.

Not only watch your sugars, keep track of all carbs.  I use the scale
of 15 carbs = 1 carb unit and I try to keep my carbs down to 2 or 3
units per meal (not always successful but it is a goal for me).

There are hundreds of good diabetic books out there with sample meals
and helpful ideas - invest in more than 1 to get a good idea of what
is being said - again, you become the professional on you - with your
doctor's help of course.  I suspect that with this request in to the
Doves, there will be a lot of great suggestions - my favorite is
cinnamon.  Yes, it does help but exercise helps more.  My worst one is
vinegar.  Yes, it also helps but I am sorry - yuck.    It will only
help if I am willing to take it and usually I am not unless it is with
a nice juicy pickle!

Try to stay away from diet specific foods as they are frequently
filled with other things that might not be good for you such as very
heavy salt, etc.  Get used to reading labels for the contents of what
you are eating - it will amaze you!

Pay attention to the meds that you get prescribed and be willing to
discuss your options with your doctor.  Not everyone will react the
same to all medicines.

Diabetes affects different parts of people's bodies differently, pay
attention to sores and other problems or changes in your health.
Don't wait too long to get something checked out.

Best wishes.  I will be praying.

Doug .