Denis Hart (13 Jan 2012)
"Two Ships (Rena and Tycoon) Break in Two"

Two Ships (Rena and Tycoon) Break in Two

Something unusual has happened down here in Australia/New Zealand.  Two ships have broken in two.  The larger ship (Rena) became stuck on a reef off New Zealand way back in October 2011.  I mentioned this in my Time to Watch the Second Hand letter on Five Doves on 27 October 2011 (link and excerpt below).  This week the Rena (anagram of near) came back into world headlines as it (quite remarkably) split in two, and sections of the ship are now sinking. 

In a less known incident, another ship - aptly called Tycoon was loading phosphate on Christmas Island (an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean) last weekend when heavy swells caused the vessel to break its mooring lines, come ashore and strike the seawall until large (four metre) swells caused the Tycoon to break in two.  The name (Tycoon) is a sign of how quickly God can judge the rich!  This warning is echoed in James 5 (Come now you rich - weep aloud and lament), Revelation 3:17 (the Laodicean church - I am rich) and Revelation 18:11 (earth’s businessmen will weep and grieve).  Interestingly, as in Paul’s shipwreck (Acts 27:44), no lives were lost in either shipwreck.  Two clear warnings of how storms can break in two even a strong ship, and how quickly (in the case of the Tycoon) this break can come. (Excerpt below)

The Holy Spirit will show us signs - events, dates, days of the week and in our own languages - both globally and in our own environment, that are pointers to His soon return.  We can seek His wisdom to observe and interpret these signs.  For example, locally there is a ship stranded off New Zealand, leaking oil - the name of the ship is Rena (Hebrew for Melody) - an anagram of near (the Day of the Lord is near!).  And globally, Iran - a key country (Isaiah 13) - is an anagram of rain (the symbol of Noah’s Ark and highlighting the many floods in the world today).

Postscript:  in a letter about my interest in the word Eve, I left out a beautiful word picture of the cross and Eve for Tevet (the Jewish month we are currently in).  Maranatha!  Denis