David Daughtrey (2 Jan 2012)
"Re: Nicole Poon and Friend's End Time's  Visions GREAT !"

Hello Dear Nicole and Friend :
                  Your End Time visions are appreciated more than you think. It has been documented that there are a few thousands daily readers on brother John's FIVE DOVES
             site. I believe God has chosen this site as a witnessing site. I fill you where directed
             here as his end times witness's  for not only the Chinese people but for the rest of
             us. So please do not ever fill your not widely accepted here. Your vision's have reached
             many thousands. Many christians have not been blessed with a vision or visions. So
            they have a kind of disbelief. Which is understandable.
                 My spirit comforted me when I read and seen your visions, two of your many vision's
            confirmed and completed two of mine. Like you I do not understand the purpose of
            these UFO's ( ships ) in his gathering. I do no this in 1996 if you mentioned a (UFO) or-
            ( object in the sky )  you where called a nut job.
                 One last thing,  I've read several story's about different ones claiming trips to heaven
            and seeing there pet's there. After reading your account of your cat. A feeling of never
            before came upon me, my heart was thrilled and excited , my spirit says confirmed..
                 So please keep us informed ( the captions are a must for us ) Thank You Again
            God Bless You                               Brother David ....... david_daughtrey@msn.com
            P.S. there is a _ between david and daughtrey