David Anderson (24 Jan 2012)
"Mathman and Ron Reese"


To Ron Reese and Mathman,

I thank God for you both you have brought so much warning to my spirit. I have been blessed by God with prophetic knowledge of the end times and I fell for some time because of my immaturity and looking to man rather than God and thats another story. I began watching youtube that you pointed out about the strange sounds that are being recorded throughout the world. I knew in my spirit that it was from the heavens and I remember reading  Tom Horn talking about the return of the nephilim . God showed me in a dream /vision in the night about actual gigantic space ships that are cloaked and I never even mentioned it to anyone because it was so crazy, until I saw an unusual cloud in the sky and I was standing next to an unbeliever who was into dark arts and I said you have no idea how deceived you are look at the cloud thats no cloud its the enemy of God hiding and poof it dissapeared immediately. Well God brought that all back to me and I grabbed my Bible and asked the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth and show me whats going on. PRAISE THE LORD HE LOVES TO ANSWER FAST WITH THAT!   Jeremiah  25;31  A noise shall be heard to the ends of the earth. For the Lord hath a controversy with the nations, He will plead wit all flesh, He will give them that are wicked to the sword, saith the Lord. Isaih13; 4 The NOISE of a multitude in the mountains like as of a great people. A tumultuous noise,(uproar) webster dic. of the kingdoms of nations gathered together.The Lord of hosts mustereth the host for battle.  5; They come from a far country,from the end of heaven,even of the lord,and the weapons of his indignation,to destroy the whole land. Joel 3;11 Assemble yourselves ,and come all you heathen and gather together because the mighty ones to come down,oh lord.
It all fits its the warning noise which i believe the shofar quick short blasts that warn of coming enemy. It sounds like its a pause in the noise where that tells me coming from billions of light years away it plays out that way. Until we are gone they will arrive and we actually hear the noise and its not an alien space craft it the fallen ones ,nephilim . I pray this is at least emailed to mathman and ron reese its show time.....evryone should repent and warn family and loved ones that the day of the lord is at hand...

Praise The Lord

Best Regards,
David K Anderson