Dave (5 Jan 2012)
"Comment and encouragement"

Hi All,

I have read posts on this  site and others for several years but have never replied with a comment of my own.

What I want to say is that I hear some remarking about the need to watch and follow the Lord’s commands. I do not dispute that at all but I do have an issue with the posts that remark about calling on Jesus’ name to be saved, and that those individuals may not have a place in salvation. I believe that as the thief on the cross called to Jesus in sincerity and humility to remember him, that “last hour salvation” does happen. In addition there will be many prodigals that have strayed from their belief through various means, temptations, etc. Doesn’t matter as the blood of Christ covers all sins, past, present and future at the time of being ‘born again’. I would caution those who would lessen the value of Christ’s sacrifice and the ability of anyone to ‘perform some type of lifestyle that would be like a work’s type of salvation’. I believe that it is entirely up to the sincerity of the individual and what is in their heart that would bring grace upon them.. That is between God and them.

Praise God for His gift of Salvation!

Thank you and look forward to meeting all at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb!!