Clay Cantrell (24 Jan 2012)
"Joe M & my Dream of the Toxic Ship, plus Other Dream Links"

Readers -

Joe M posted here:

his take on the Concordia event and how it might be a fulfillment of my dream found here:

Joe -

I don't believe the Concordia is the fulfillment of the dream should there be a fulfillment, and the dream really be of God.

I have found in the past that the Lord's dreams are very specific and have specific fulfillments. Your interpretation, though interesting, seems to hit too far off the mark. In fact, I don't really see this dream as something to interpret. Rather, I see it, and most other dreams, at least in my case, as an event to watch for as it was related in the dream - verbatum. i.e. exactly as it happened in the dream.

I will add these notes about that particular dream. The group of people that were gathered together to track the ship's course, were listening to radios. I didn't see computers to TVs on.

Also, the ship bore a resemblance to a zeppelin, and moved slowly like a zeppelin, though I felt for sure it was an alien flying craft.


re other dreams

Here are links to other dreams or visions. judge for yourself.

(please note, my "White Rooms Dream" took place on March 23, 2010, not August, as I mistakenly typed in that article.)

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