Clay Cantrell (17 Jan 2012)
"Chelsea Brown & Barak clarification."

Readers -

Thanks to Chelsea Brown for her post here:

referencing my post here:

involving Sisera as a type of the AC etc.


I do need to clarify one thing about that post. not correct, just clarify.

This forum seems to have a large number of ardent and convinced "Barak Obama is the anti-christ" theorists ....

    ...and I am not one of them.

The Bible reference to Barak, Deborah's strongman in Judges 4, is what it is, a Bible story reference.

It was not my intention to tie the current President of the USA to my AC concepting. That was an unfortunate perception on the part of Chelsea and maybe other readers, too, for which I apologize. I should have anticipated that. : <

It doesn't matter how interesting or clever they are, all the articles I have read about Bakark Obama being the AC leave me totally unconvinced. Even when they are written or have been written by Five Doves watchers that I really respect and enjoy reading.

I just don't think he fits the Bible profile at all.