Clay Cantrell (13 Jan 2012)
"His Mother is an Egyptian, Part 2"

Readers -

January 12, 2012 I posted this article -

Ishmael, Jared (527), 9-11 & the 666 number

... which is a preliminary case for the AC being a descendent of Ishmael.

This article -

His Mother is an Egyptian

... theorizes that the AC's mother is an Egyptian. You can read my reasoning and the few numbers involved. look especially at this new number 393.

I totally missed this yesterday, which really ties the 393 number to Hagar.

The list of verses that have 393 valued words in them is here:

Second Bible verse that has a 393 valued word in it:

Genesis 16:1
"Now Sarai Abram's wife bare him no children: and she had an HANDMAID, an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar."

that hebrew word is

Handmaid = Strong's 8198h = shiphchah

In-text value is 393.

That's very accurate. case closed. It easily connects 393 with the Egyptian woman, Hagar.


On another note, the running gematria total of that verse through and including the 393 valued word "Handmaid" =


which I'm not sure what to make of at this point, but I can conjecture.  ; >


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