Cinda Godfrey (20 Jan 2012)
"To Bill Lane ~ Possible Diagnosis and Cure for Zoe"

Hi Bill,
The only reason I feel qualified to post a possible diagnosis for Zoe's health problems is that I have been going through similar problems myself and have only discovered the cause of my health problems after much prayer and many hours of research online.
By any chance, does Zoe have amalgam (silver) dental fillings in her mouth?  They can be hidden underneath crowns as well.  If so, they contain mercury, one of the most toxic metals known to man. The mercury vapors leach out of the tooth and affect every system in the entire body.  The mercury (a heavy metal) is stored in the fatty tissues and in the brain.  Over time, the mercury builds up to the point where the liver and kidneys can no longer detoxify it from the tissues and then the problems really begin!
It's a slow, insidious deterioration that affects the immune system, vision, mental clarity and memory, the hormonal system ~ thyroid, adrenals, etc.  It affects the emotions causing depression, anxiety and a host of other debilitating health problems, some very severe.
Even if Zoe doesn't have any mercury in her mouth, it can accumulate via vaccinations and other injections and/or consumption of fish.  If she doesn't have amalgam dental fillings, then the only way to find out if heavy metal is causing her problems is to find a naturopathic doctor and have a heavy metal test performed.  If she does have amalgam fillings, then you can bet your wife is being slowly poisoned to death.
Please Google "amalgam poisoning stories".  You will find plenty of reading material about people who have been sick to the point of death before discovering the true cause of all their health problems as well as testimonials about the miraculous healings experienced once those dental fillings had been removed properly by a mercury-safe dentist who is trained to remove heavy metals from the mouth.
Don't believe the American Dental Association's statements that amalgam is safe.  This is Satan's world.  Imagine putting a metal in the mouth of a child that is so toxic that dentists are required to treat it as a hazardous material after removal.  If we break one of the new lightbulbs (also unsafe and cause headaches, dizziness) containing mercury, we are advised to call the hazmat team rather than try to clean it up ourselves.  And then it's okay to implant it in someone's mouth, for heaven's sake?
This may or may not be at the root (pun fully intended) of Zoe's health problems, but based on everything I've read so far, she has all the classic symptoms including the lack of an accurate diagnosis.  There is a wonderful book on the subject called "Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment" by Andrew Cutler, PhD.  It is well worth the investment.
Please write and let us know how Zoe is doing.  I hope this helps.