Christina (26 Jan 2012)
"Prayer Request for my young son Dylan"

Dear Doves,
Last night I had another deeply disturbing dream.  It seems that this is the way the darkness finds its way to me - late at night and deep in sleep.
The dream begins with me and my husband and children (all who are saved, praise The Lord!)  walking down the streets in New York City.  Suddenly a car pulls up next to us and a terrible man stands before us.  At first I think he is a drug dealer or a mugger, but instead he stands right in front of me just inches from my face and says, "bow to me."  I refuse him and we all begin run.  He follows us in his car and once again gets ahead of us, jumps out of the car in front of us and speaks to me, "bow to me."  Again I refuse and we run.  The scene repeats itself for a third time though this time when he speaks he says, "You will  bow to me" and I respond, "I will never bow to you."  He then replies, "very well."  He walks away smiling.  I then turn around and my youngest son, who is 9, pulls out a light bulb and breaks it so that it has sharp edges.  He  comes at me and he cuts my arms.  My son smiles at me and he now looks like the man from the street.
Doves, I am so frightened for my son.  He is a beautiful boy with a very special relationship with our Lord - he loves stories from the Bible and actually asks if we can watch Perry Stone DVD's at night when we relax.  I am afraid that this dream means that he will come under attack.  I have prayed for the blood of Jesus to keep him protected, but ask for your prayers too that he will remain strong and protected against anything Satan sends.
Move Love to You All,