Chris K (3 Jan 2012)
"RE: Frank R Molver (31 Dec 2011) "Need explanation of Job 36:32-33 KJV please""

 Dearest Frank and all our doves,

Firstly, my initial thoughts concerning God's declination towards Job' three friends were as somewhat dismissive of their speech, but, upon closer scrutiny and like almost everywhere else the Lord has been leading me and all of us to as of late, it became very timely and pertinent to the moment in which we live.
  I find myself attempting to apologize for constantly seeing what the Lord is showing me of His WORD(these treasures in darkness) concerning the one thing we cannot get off of our minds, namely, the gathering together of the saints in the catching away of the bride and the immediate and sudden destruction thereafter !
   I have been singing and praying the Psalms every night and day for the past two months or more, and over and over again, God is showing me references to the Harpazo in and throughout His WORD. I keep finding it EVERYWHERE, seriously! The rapture is all over the Psalms and elsewhere, too. And almost always directly connected to immediate judgment thereafter. Revelations, Matthew, II Thesalonians, Psalms ....and now Job!
  I have about 14 version of the Holy Scriptures I will start by reading the relevant passages all the way through in most, if not all of them. And then I'll use Strong's concordance in parallel with Brown-Driver-Brigg's Hebrew definitions in order to find relavant alternatives to word meanings. (The one advantage we have today is the knowledge and understanding of the purpose of the Holy Spirit as related to the progressively revealed WORD of God! He will lead you into all truth, and seeing the Word as a tapestry or Mosaic of perfectly interwoven threads, totally integrated and interrelated. Remember that if you are truly walking in Spirit and in Truth, the WORD will be written in your mind and inscribed upon your heart and no errant versions are going to effect your faithful understanding). So, I also use various commentaries to to bring into focus the many grammatical facets that are beyond my own limited linguistic background.
  But mainly, I use the Holy Spirit to bring everything into an immediate and contemporary prophetic context...a sort of living experience with Christ right at the center of it all! The Bible, all of it, is for right now!
  So, with that being said, JOB 36:32-33 is absolutely and perfectly contemporaneous with everything God the Father has been leading me/us into for the past few weeks and months.
                                                         THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH AND SUDDEN DESTRUCTION!
 Here is a composite of transliterated Hebrew set in a contemporary spiritual-eschatological tone with alternative meanings in parenthesis, and then afterwards, my personal Holy Spirit led version...which I really dig, alot!
Job 36:32 From the hand(power) of the most High,  He clothes(conceals) them with(from?) the morning(the illumined one) ,And commands that they shall be gathered together (lauches His penetrating bolt).
Job 36:33 His thunder shall proclaim concerning Him, and the purchased flock(sheepfold), as to what is coming(His wrath against iniquity).
Job 36:32 With the palm of His hand He conceals(or hides) the (illumined) joyful, brought forth by intercession(prayer), and commands that they be gathered together.
 Job 36:33 The shout thereof manifests the ascent of the purchased flock(or sheepfold), and His wrath against iniquity.

  And that dear brothers and sisters, is what the Father showed me, However, Elihu was probably just making a psuedo-scientific meteorlogical observation that might make for an interesting anecdote about God's power, at least according to God' referance to him at the end of the book.
Like everything else about the Church, its a mystery and the KJV of this passage even alludes to its own mysterious nature, Further proof that we can't actually foreknow the exact timing of the Harpazo. But, as we get closer and closer we will get hints and sense in the Spirit when it about to arrive. Surprises are just too much fun! And God's been planning this wedding for a long time. Looking forward to a banquet with all of you and HE who purchased us with His own blood!                           your brother, Chris