Chris K (26 Jan 2012)
"Re: Randy (25 Jan 2012)"

Randy and all the Doves,
   I wanted to share what I believe the Lord has been showing me about the purpose of the creation of man and more specifically the purpose of the Saints. In reply to these passages of yours, Randy.....

Humans were created, as being LESS than order to SHOW THE DEVIL that lesser beings COULD/WOULD STILL CHOOSE GOD, even through free will.......humans would KNOW BETTER than to break away from God, as Lucifer did when he was a top angel in heaven.

  I firmly believe that the Lord has been showing me through scripture and teachings I've stumbled onto on the internet by Douglas Riggs and others that: The Saints are the very "criterion" or standard by which the fallen angels and their leader(Ha Satan) will be judged in God's perfect righteousness. He has created man, not only to use as a standard of righteousness through "faith" and absolute devotion to God (even though we cannot see HIM with our eyes), and, will "yet trust Him, though HE may slay me". To use this as the final criterion for the judgement of those that had direct knowledge and access to God the Father, and also as their very replacement!
  We were and are being created to rule and reign with Christ throughout the ages, as His co-regents in the heavenlies, in substitute for those that failed their positions and obligation to God,and gave up their assigned place to come to perform some sort of vanity here upon earth...perhaps their fall had something to do with a fore-view and subsequent jealousy  of man's final position with God as "dwelling-place" and "Temple" to the living God for which they felt more deserving, somehow.
  Nonetheless, there is more to the seven thousand year creation of man than merely his fall and rescue by the only begotten Son of God, that has to do with the judgement of the fallen angels and our final place along with Christ that was fore-ordained by God the Father who knows and speaks the end from the beginning. There is a connection between the rising and gathering together of the Saints and the fall of satan during the tribulation.....the Harpazo and the sudden destruction intertwined in a most delightful moment of God's judgement upon those that simply would not believe and be lovers of the truth...the living truth:Christ Jesus!
                                                                                                                                                                               your fellow servant and brother, Chris