Chelsea Brown (16 Jan 2012)
"Clay Cantrell -More Obama 666 connections"

Wow. Clay's Friday post on Judges chapter 4-5 and the Barak connection to 666 was beautiful. A triple 6 Barak verse, triple 6 Barak chapter, and Sisera is triple 6  Awesome
 Here is one more.  Obama quoted from Psalm 46 two occasions : on 9-11-11 at a memorial speech and earlier on 1-12-11 in Arizona at an event in support of Congresswoman Giffords who sustained a near fatal head wound . Psalm 46 in the ORIGINAL 1611 King James  printing was found on PAGE 666 . Psalm 46 is also chapter 666 counting from the end of Rev.  Page numbers, Strongs numbers, verse numbers, chapters, all interconnected and designed......