Charles (9 Jan 2012)
"Red Alert Iran threatening to close straight of Hormuz January 27th!"

An article on Israel's Arutz Shiva states: Iran has again threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, this time using the excuse of a military exercise set for January 27.

A had a vision Sunday that there is a lock with tumblers turning and in the vision something was going to happen Sunday that made the next one fall in place. When all the tumblers are in place the rapture door opens! I thought it may have to do with the football game to early to tell on that but I found this article out today!

This fits my tumbler vision:

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said the drills -- dubbed the "Great Prophet" -- will be the "greatest naval war games" ever conducted by the Revolutionary Guards, according to the hard-line Fars news agency.

The exercises have apparently been moved up; they were originally scheduled to take place in February, according to remarks by Admiral Ali Fadavi quoted by Fars!

The excercises have been moved up to January 27th! Dubbed the Great prophet! They want the Mahdi to come!

This excercise is taking part at the same time as Austere Challange in Israel an exercise between US and Israel to intercept missles! A post on RITA reported the original name of this excercise was juniper horse! Yes you read that correctly Pale Green Horse riding in Israel as Iran is closing the straight with an excercise called Great Prophet! This is not conjecture not rapture timing guessing this is boots on the ground facts that is pointing to a day that many watchers have been drawn to such as Gerry Almond! Simply put Iran is going to block the straight of Hormuz January 27th while the pale green horse is galloping through Israel rapture I don't know but we may be should be praying it is!