Charles (4 Jan 2012)
"It is with a heavy heart!"

It is with a heavy heart I say what I do! There are three reasons why we as watchers cannot get through to people asleep Christians, family, atheists, and other religions! In fact it seems time is so short we are posting to these forums exhorting each other comforting each other as the Lord told us to do because the world scoffs at the truth and discourages us when we are just trying to drag them out of the pit by the word'

The three reasons no one is listening:

1) The church teaches say Jesus Jesus and you will be saved and there are watchers even and rapture sites who say you will be raptured even if you are not watching and praying. The bible says those that know Jesus have an active heart relationship with him that write his words on their heart that believe on him will be saved! Believe on Him it means an active faith walking in the truth not a head knowledge that Jesus is lord even the demons know that it's a surrendered heart and will a born again spirit filled heart is saved! Christians Jesus said pick up the cross follow him not say Jesus save me thats covered let's go make more money! Obeying Gods command to watch and pray for Jesus return is not works it's active living faith! By quenching the spirit and despising prophecy and thinking we are wasting our time because we are watching and everyone goes is delusional. Jesus said he would supper with the faithful servant found watching and knowing when he comes! Notice he appoints the unfaithful servants to the hypocrites lot! They were still servants saved by faith but not walking in it by watching for their master to come back.

2) The lie that we are not the last generation and the bible us not literal and true that revelation is already fulfilled or allegorical. The church does not teach imminent rapture, because to do do would teach that there was something we needed to be rescued from that through our works we ourselves could not revive this fallen world and create the kingdom ourselves! Teaching that the church replaces Israel or that revival is coming if we just get more people in the pews is ignoring the fact that Jesus came to seperate out of the world a chosen holy bride to heaven not gave us unction to create heaven for Him on earth we are to occupy hold out till he comes that's it.

3) The wise speak if judgement the fool vanity! There is no fear of the Lord taught! Jesus is love yes do you love your children but let them run off a cliff without warning there is a cliff and they will die and try to stop them! Gods judgement and fear of it is the beginning of wisdom. Fear the lord obey his commands serve in the spirit. The church says we will frighten people away. They should be seeking to frighten people away from the cliff of the abyss.

So in a nutshell through the conditioning of society tv, magazines, movies, political correctness society has been conditioned to moral relativity morality is defined collectively by society not God. But those who control perception then control morality ie Good is evil evil is good! The churches produce defective Christians that do not believe the bible is literal that Israel matters that revelations will be a future event. Ones that see no need to watch or pray or warn or live this life in fear of the Lord they will be raptured if he comes and we are the kingdom we need to focus on here!

Come out from among these falsehoods! God said they perish who loved not the truth but believed a lie and had pleasure in unrightousness! God sends them string delusion because they loved not the truth of his word but the lie of this world!

Realize Jesus said he who loves his life in this world shall lose it he who hates his life shall live life eternal. I think the watchers are the ones who knew the world was a lie always and made to feel like they were wrong God planted his seed in us at birth and was waitning as we prodigal sons came to his truth! His truth set us free and we are trying to set others free! Get on the ark Jesus is your only hope the tribulation is near there is no hope in this world do not follow the blind into the pit because they say they can see! Jesus read his worlds and abide it them now before grace is over! Please I have warned you heed the truth!