Charles (30 Jan 2012)
"Why I want to go home!"

Just this weekend an article came out that Fran Dresher the Nanny revealed both her and her ex husband were abducted by "aliens" when they were teenagers driving down the road with their dads! That the scar in her right hand is where they inserted the chip! People's response to me showing them this people who live breathe and hang on celebrities is so! Chip right hand aliens! She goes on to say both her and her husband were programmed to meet be together and implied procreate! More tares! People will believe this over it's the mark and they will go to not heaven! A nine year old boy had a dream that O resigns Newt is our president there is martial law and all the Christians were boarding planes to leave because they knew what was coming! 2010 the countdown points out the Whole world cries over Steve jobs dying but not over the many dying of famine every day! How many great leaders or Steve jobs were among the fifty million aborted. It's all ok as long as the happy meals keep coming! I apologized to Jesus today because I look upon my son and want a little To be wrong that we have twenty Years and I can be boy scout dad and see a grandson! But I see the truth every day! I asked God why I feel so honorific to death inside facing every day because everyone wants me to act like everything is just Going on like it had for 2,000 years and if we just get the right president in It's all ok! They passed ACTA The NDAA and no one cares! I asked God why we watchers feel like we do like every day is mud and no one else cares! He showed me a bible passage that every day we die to ourselves so Christ may live through us! If you are not horrified every day at the news and dying inside to be with Jesus instead of here you have need of the eyesalve of the lacidonians so you may see and Jesus gold tried in the fire! I honestly cannot believe I am still here I saw the sign of the rapture over Jerusalem maybe it's just another breadcrumb for us to follow home! I am Still in shock seeing the nanny proclaiming to the world the aliens took me programmed me to meet my husband and it's on fox news! The world will believe the nanny! I wanted to say that God said he would send a strong delusion that they may believe a lie that loved not the truth! The truth is I we all are sinners born without hope and unless we repent and believe Christ came to die for our sins and rose for our redemption so that we may die to our sin and live for Him in the light we have no hope! It's easier to believe the Nanny but not right! I am so happy every day I see my sons eyes and the sun in the sky I know Jesus saves but so sad I am still here covered in mud afraid I cannot swim another day and no one else seems to See the mud! But God said we are dying inside to the world so Christ may live through us! If the nanny telling the world she got abducted By aliens chipped and programmed to meet her husband and it's no big deal is not a sign of the great delusion I do not know what to say to wipe your eyes clean! I do not know what to say to tell you to stop living for the lie and start living for Jesus to come and save you and tell others too ! But I must try because I love you and want to see no one perish! I know you just want to live your life but it never was yours it was either Jesus or the other guys and by default if your lukewarm in the middle you will be spit out into the tribulation! I cannot take the world now the time to Humble yourself and repent and believe and make Jesus Lord and Savior is now! I want to walk and live by the truth not die for a lie that says this world is true!