Charles (3 Jan 2012)
"Lady Gaga NWO Cheerleader and the year of the Dragon"

Well I have seen all I want to see lady gag me dropping the new age channeling crystal ball made with interlaced triangles channeling the energy of hundreds of thousands of sheeple ushering in the year of the dragon! Now I know why the Lord said much knowledge brings much sorrow but also his people perish for lack of knowledge! Nothing is as it seems to the masses my friends!

She has willingly let herself be the w****! She is the counterfeit bride of Christ the bride of the AC Cheering the NWO on get it the alien nephilim white angel costume. The born this way video embrace your beast. The giving birth to a new creation alien human hybrid video the coming out of an egg on Leno act its a NWO in your face cheer squad of one!
It gets worse guys we saw the fulfillment of Luke last night we beheld satan falling from the sky as lightning! 288 triangular all seeing eye crystals 288 = 18 = 6+6+6 go to 2010thecountdownbackup channel on youtube see for yourself embed the video here. Lady gaga was doing her job last night for real. And no one will understand who loves not the truth.

It seems we have seen someone join the party and everyone cheered the new year not knowing it was the dragon! One more the show king fu panda the dragon warrior getting kids in on the fun also!