Charles (25 Jan 2012)
"Another rapture dream a path like Nicoles"

I saw more 11:11 and 1:11 yesterday! I watched a movie dolphin tale rented it for my son The original air date was 01/01/11! I had a dream that I was on a path in a park it was like the balance beams you had to walk on! The narrow path! If you stepped off there was mud a d water on each side in some places there was water over the path to go on you had to get your boots wet ! You got to the end and there was a sliding window! I opened the window and there was someone doing a puzzle! I heard a voice and a curly haired person was sitting in a white chair saying there is another  path! My wife called me and ingot off the path she said she did not trust the person after she went to sleep I went back and found behind the Chair was a door I opened it and went in there was stuff like provisions and crates for like a trip! I closed the door and thought I just went in the ark and woke up!