Charles (23 Jan 2012)
"A very ominous warning from God himself!"

Guys it's as bad and as serious as it can get and if you read my post about 9% of Americans and one percent of teenagers have a biblical worldview you will understand this! This is just those who agree will the view of the world from a biblical perspective so we can interpolate that maybe ten percent of ten percent in this country even realize that they need to be watching and praying and that there is no hope in this existence apart from obeying Jesus and following his or abiding in his words! It seems that maybe one in a hundred people get it well I asked the Lord what he wanted to tell me to answer I use a random bible verse generator on two sites after prayer! The verses that came up basically refute the deception this whole world is under including maybe 90% of professing Christians that believing in Jesus is not connected to obeying or abiding  y Jesus words in terms of escaping the wrath to come or Gods wrath and that saying you are a Christian without changing to become like a little child again walking in the light of your faith instead of continuing to wallow in the darkness of the vanity of this world you are still under wrath and will not see the kingdom of heaven! This is straight from the bible! The whole world is about to be whahooed and the majority of professing Christians are asleep entirely too caught up in this world to be concerned enough to be earnestly working out their salvation with fear and trembling or even to know they should be seperstimg themselves spiritually from this world and walking in childlike faith with Jesus not according to the vanity of this worlds religion and culture! We were to. E in this world not willingly be part of it. If your not scared of the Lord and know that your totally unrightous before him
and he expects you to walk humbly and justly and show mercy before him on this earth you maybe better heed these verses!
Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

John 3:36 salvation is based on belief in Jesus as lord but here is the thing the Lord will judge who believes because if you truly believe Jesus then you listen to his words as truth and do them to your best ability you walk and abide in them you obey the command to watch and pray and seperate yourself unto him you lay down your will and pick up your cross then his blood clenses you from all unrightousness if you have not laid your pride and will down and picked up the cross if you just say Jesus but Struve not to follow his words are you truly born again do you truly believe there is a wrath and condemnation to flee from because if you do you know there is no hope in the flesh and are seeking Jesus with all your heart and soul!

The second warning :

and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Little children have simple pure faith in everything it's this world that corrupts unless we put on the new man Jesus in faith and follow him in faith like little children obediently follow their parents and never get out of sight we cannot follow him to the kingdom how do we get there how do children get home they do not know the way simple they obediently follow their parents!

Fear God Obey His Son Have simple faith like a child not complicated adult intellectual doctrine and pick up your cross and Follow Jesus walk in the light the path is narrow follow the breadcrumbs watch and pray for all your needs and you will get to heaven its the only way to escape the wrath. Salvation is a gift but the gospel preached today is a deception believe on the Lord Jesus means an active continual belief that implies obedience and relationship as a small child depends and listens to his parent!

Those who love their life in this world will lose it those who hate their life will save it to life eternal! It is time to come out of the lie! I am sorry to say this but it's evident 99% of the world is living for the world and dies not get or understand this life was never meant to be their own will! The one percent who can find the narrow path have overcome the world the deception the vanity of the course of this existence and like little children humbly follow their Shepard safely home!

If you have been taught that obedient means works your lied to works are us justifying ourselves to God by our own merit we all fail! Obedience means we are believing on Jesus words and following him proving we have been born again! We must gave the spirit to go!  Please religious beliefs will not save you even the demons believe and tremble we must lay down our pride our will give Jesus all that we are surrender to his will turn from the vanity of our mind and self importance pick up our cross and in simple faith follow him to get to heavan get on the straight and narrow path now and then you will recieve the attonement of his blood! It's the only hope we have! He died so he could deliver us from this present evil world and the wrath to come! If we did not die with him to ourselves on that cross and rise with him in new life when he arose and are not walking in his words instead of the vanity of this worlds wisdom and course then we are not obeying the gospel by which men must be saved! It's time to become as little children and follow Jesus home!